Brett Dev

Founder of Nomad School

1. Can you summarize for our audience what you and/or your business does?

Nomad School operates as a global community aimed at those passionate about achieving location independence. We unite individuals with similar aspirations, providing them with online education and a support network facilitated by members from across the globe. Our mission is to empower our members through knowledge and community support, making the dream of location freedom a tangible reality for everyone, regardless of their educational background or previous experience.

2. Is there a story to tell about your journey to success that might inspire others?

My journey began in the UK, where I often struggled with depression, feeling trapped by its over-regulated society. A trip to Thailand was a game-changer for me. Initially resistant, that visit opened my eyes to new possibilities. With minimal funds and experience, I took a leap of faith and moved to Thailand. It wasn’t easy, but through sheer determination and adaptability, I managed to carve out a new path for myself. This experience showed me that change, while intimidating, can lead to rewarding outcomes. It’s about taking that first step, even when it seems insurmountable.

3. What’s your vision of the future for your business and yourself personally?

My vision for the future revolves around making a significant impact on individuals seeking to transform their lives. Through Nomad School and the content I create online, I aim to change as many lives as possible. On a personal level, I look forward to meeting those whose lives have been positively affected by our work. This direct feedback and connection with our community not only fuels my passion but also steers the direction of our efforts, ensuring that we continue to make a real difference in the world of location independence and online entrepreneurship.

4. What change would you make in the world if you had the power to change anything you wanted?

If I could change one thing, it would be to limit government size and overreach. Much of the world’s problems come from too much interference. Smaller, less intrusive governments would allow individuals more freedom and autonomy, indirectly tackling larger issues like poverty by empowering people to manage their own lives without unnecessary constraints.

5. What’s the most interesting, unexpected, or quirky thing we don’t know about you?

I once sold stripper poles for a living. It was an unusual but memorable venture that taught me a lot about niche markets.

6. Who or what do YOU look to for inspiration?

For inspiration, I don’t seek out ways to speed up or increase productivity and wealth. Instead, I believe in the value of slowing down. My greatest inspiration comes from the people I meet in Thailand, especially the Thai locals and hill tribe villagers. Spending significant time with them has shown me the beauty of a slower pace of life. Their approach to living, marked by simplicity and a deep connection with their surroundings, reminds me that there’s more to life than the constant rush. It’s a lesson I think everyone could benefit from.

7. What’s the greatest risk you’ve taken so far and why did you take it?

The greatest risk I’ve taken was selling all my possessions and moving to Thailand with very little money. I felt trapped in a cycle of depression in the UK, hindered by the high cost of living and unable to enact the change I desperately needed. Relocating to Thailand was a leap of faith, driven by my search for happiness and a more fulfilling life. In Thailand, the lower cost of living and my improved mental state gave me the cognitive freedom to progress and build a new life.

8. Please briefly describe the most innovative or impactful project you’ve worked on to date, the one that grabbed your attention and you just knew you had to go all in.

The most impactful work I’ve done is sharing helpful content online. While it might not be groundbreaking, it’s allowed me to reach millions. Realizing the power of my content to make a real difference drove me to go all in, focusing on providing value and positively impacting lives on a massive scale.

9. Do you have any recent wins you’d like to share, feel free to boast just this once?

A recent win for me was taking my entire family on a tour around Thailand for the first time. It was a remarkable experience that not only brought us closer but also allowed me to share the beauty and culture of Thailand with them. This trip was a personal milestone, reflecting the freedom and lifestyle I’ve worked hard to achieve.

10. On reflection, what would you have done differently if you had that time again?

Looking back, I would have placed more faith in the process and worried less about the outcomes. This shift in perspective would have allowed me to embrace the journey with more confidence and less stress, ultimately enhancing both my personal growth and professional progress.

11. What advice would you give to inspire someone who sees what you’ve achieved and might want to model your success?

You only live once, so ask yourself, what do you really have to lose? You have to try! Remember, it’s not the critic who counts but the person who’s actually in the arena, facing the challenges head-on. Success isn’t guaranteed, but you won’t know the outcome unless you step into the arena and try.

12. Where can our audience contact you or find out more about the products or services you offer?

Your audience can reach out and learn more about the services and insights I offer through my website,, or at Additionally, you can find a wealth of content and advice on my YouTube channel, Brett Dev. These platforms provide comprehensive access to my work, experiences, and the community we’re building around location independence and online entrepreneurship.

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